Dr. Kyshun Webster

Dr. Kyshun Webster

Dr. Kyshun A. Webster is founder and Chairman of Compassion Society Benefits. He inspires, motivates and empowers his team to align with his mission to change the way the world works.  Under his leadership, Compassion Society Benefits has positioned itself as a national advocate of work-life balance and an antidote to compassion fatigue.

Dr. Webster started his career approximately 20 years ago as an advocate for social entrepreneurship. A seasoned senior-level management executive and social scientist, his use of applied research is exemplary.

He served as Special Assistant to the President of Xavier University, Adjunct Professor at the University of New Orleans and consultant to educational, non-profit and governmental entities.

Dr. Webster is a change agent who has positively affected the lives of workers, children and families. He is a visionary who develops solutions when he identifies a void in the marketplace. He observed a high percentage of non-profit executives experiencing burnout and recognized the syndrome as compassion fatigue. A proponent of conscious capitalism, he created Compassion Society Benefits to address compassion fatigue along with a wide spectrum of issues affecting employee health and family wellbeing. 

Dr. Webster earned a Ph.D. in Work, Family and Community Education, Master of Science in Urban Studies/Affairs & Non-profit Leadership and a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education.

“When we practice loving, kindness and compassion, we are the first ones to profit.”   -Rumi

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