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Join the Avant-Garde leading a revolution of New Age Workplace benefits to provide paid family leave for caregivers.


Take advantage of this business opportunity to join our producer network to promote and place the Caregiver Family Leave Insurance.Screen-Shot-2022-08-18-at-12.23.28-PM

  • In addition to working with a professional, progressive, forward-thinking company, this innovative product will give you a competitive advantage to offer your clients. 
  • You’ll help companies empower caregiving and create stronger employee loyalty, reduce turnover and retain institutional knowledge
  • Bring a new solution that fills a very large gap in alternatives currently available to your clients
  • You'll help companies attract key talent with family-friendly compassionate benefits that are popular yet affordable and flexible (with voluntary options)
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At the end of the day, you’ll feel good about contributing to a social movement to empower caregiving in the 21st Century workplace!


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